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June 2019 Ride of The Month Contest
500 Madness

View Poll Results: June 2019 Ride of The Month Poll

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  • Romanoaf

    2 40.00%
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Thread: June 2019 Ride of The Month Contest

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    June 2019 Ride of The Month Contest

    The June 2019 Fiat 500 USA Forum Ride of The Month contest is now open! This month's prize is $50 to your PayPal account courtesy of Fiat500USA.com!

    Below are the rules for your convenience:

    Here are the rules:
    1.Every first 15 days of the month, look for a thread that says "ROTM [Month] 2017 Submissions" and there you can post 5 pictures of your car and list all your modifications. Up to ten cars will be in the running. It's first come first served and members have 15 days to make their post with pics and mod list. After 15 days I'll close the thread. Anyone who doesn't make the deadline, can enter the following month. There will be no discussions or comments in the thread.

    2.Between 15th-20th day of the month we'll set up the poll, and starting on the 16th day, and running through the end of the month, the site votes and a winner will be chosen by most votes. Ties will be decided by who entered the contest first, so enter now!

    Rule Details
    1. Up to five photos may be posted. NO collages. NO Photoshoping to alter the appearance of the car. White balance/color correction is OK. HDR and other such effects, presets or filters are OK, but frowned upon. It is the Ride of the Month - not Image of the Month.
    2. Modifications list must be what you have on your car now. Not in the future. Mods that you are selling and are listed in the classifieds cannot be included.
    3. You may link to build thread if you have one.
    4. Anyone who is in the running this month and loses must skip a month before re-entering the contest again.
    5. Winner has to wait 1 year before re-entering.
    6. There is a two car minimum for the contest to run, ten car maximum. If there aren't two cars, the contest is suspended for that month.
    7. NO soliciting to "vote for me" in the forum.
    8. This is a contest for members, so that means your personal car. No company cars or vendor's cars.
    9. One car entry per person, per month. Meaning if you own two cars you cannot enter them both at the same time.
    10. If you own two cars and you win one month, the winning car cannot be re-entered for 1 year. The other car may be entered after skipping a month.
    11. Contest open to any year Fiat Group Car - Fiat, Abarth, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Autobianchi, Innocenti, and Fiats built under license -Zastava, SEAT, etc., etc!

    Remember - This thread is for submissions.

    Let's see what ya got!
    Enjoy the Forum, or has it helped? Please Whitelist us on your Ad Blocker. Thx!

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    Thought I would give it a try. Below is a 2015 Abarth Cabrio. I am making it into a 695 Edizione Maserati Tribute and is a work in progress. I will share what I have done so far to date. Finding any of the original Edizione Maserati parts has been quite a process. It is a matter of finding what you can when you can. So buying these items is not necessarily in any given order but strickly when all the needed information is collected and the part becomes available.

    Attachment 34087
    Night Silhouette against the Red White and Blue.

    Attachment 34088Attachment 34089
    The original color of the vehicle was Granito Lucente with the Grigio Cabrio Top. The top half has been painted in the Maserati Pontevecchio Bordeaux using the 695 paint scheme which is not found in the US. In 2012 there was a total of 488 Edizione Maserati which came in the Bordeaux with the Grigio Cabrio Top. In 2013 there was a total of 50 Edizione Maserati which came in the Grigio gray and Grigo Cabrio Top. Since my 2015 came in the Granito Lucente which is close to the Grigio I left it as the base color. But as stated I used the 695 paint scheme so the vehicle could show both colors that the special edition came in. Notice on the side the car in place of the regular Abarth badge that this sports the Edizione Maserati badge on both sides and on the back. Windows have been tinted to provide a little more pop to the look.

    Attachment 34090
    Finding the extra little things that came with the car can be a task in itself. In this photo you will see the Special Edizione Maserati handbook which came specifically with the car. Also a 2012 Abarth Sales Catalog which talked about the car along with all the other Abarth models that were available in Europe. To the far left you will see the Abarth Safety Kit which came with it. To the right just about the blanket you will see both the Bordeaux and Grigio Gray key fob covers. Above those is a Edizione Maserati watch, it did not come with the car or from Abarth but is after market. At the very top you will notice a 695 Edizione Maserati accessory bag. A 2015 Fiat Sales Brochure turned to the Abarth page. The back seat has been removed and a large Edizione Maserati 695 patch has been placed on the carpeted floor. In making the rear seat deleat i brought the front edge all the way up to the rear cup holders thus covering the rear seat foot holes which then provides covered storage space for items such as a purse or what ever else you do not want seen from outside the car. Not shown the plastic emergency trunk release has been removed and replaced with a red leather Abarth Strap. In keeping with European tradition a black and red throw has been placed in the back.

    Attachment 34091
    The interior is sported with the traditional black and red Abarth scheme. Not shown are the black leather arm rest have been replaced with red leather and stitched in black to provide a contrast. Also the Edizione Maserati 695 patches on the headrest. Notice that the door sills have been replaced with the Edizione Maserati. The front floor coverings are the black with red stitched LUXUS. They provide a very classy look.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Sorry I do not know why the pictures are not showing up. I held my tongue to the right when I did this.

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    Very nice, love the silhouette shot. I've been looking at those same floor mats for weeks trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger. How do you like them? are they a good quality?

    2013 500 Sport - Espresso Brown
    2017 500c Abarth Cabrio - Rosso Red
    Abarth mods:
    XXR 527 Chromium Black Wheels
    4 Point Roll Bar
    Maxton Design Front Splitter
    RRM Ultimate BASIC ECM
    Bosch 4C Coils
    NGK Iridium Plugs
    MPx Blow Off Plate
    GFB+ Diverter
    EC Red Intake & Ram Air Pipe.
    500 Madness Red/CF Front Brace
    Speedlab Hood Strut Kit
    Speedlab 25mm Front Sway Bar
    CFP 25mm Rear Torsion Bar
    DIY Chassis Braces
    KYB Rear Shocks
    Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips
    Many, Many more....

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    Lifetime Member Lifetime Member Tramonto's Avatar
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    Sep 2017
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    I love them.
    They are easy to install. The Quality seems to be good. I think they will hold up well except to leather sole shows. I think that the hard leather might scuff them up.
    I’ll be honest, I do not leave mine in all the time.
    The first time I had them in I took my shoes off because I did not want to get dirty.

    Thanks on liking the picture. It is one of my favorites as well. Just thought it would be neat to try something different.
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    2013 500 Abarth

    Bought car as a fun commuter- it's turning into a bit of a project; after driving through one heavy winter, I've decided to take it in a rally style direction, which will hopefully be complete in the Fall.

    Current State:

    EC V2.1 intake
    MM Piggyback
    Turbosmart WGA
    Mishimoto CC- custom mount
    Alfa 4C coils
    NGK Plugs
    Evap boost purge cap
    MPX 2.5"exhaust

    Neuf Poly engine mount insert
    TMC short shifter assy
    Custom Bronze shift knob
    Poly shift linkages

    Fifteen52 Integrale Wheels
    Pirelli P-Zero Nero
    Eibach Sportline Springs
    Koni Yellows
    Otis Bolts
    Rallyarmor flaps

    Carbon fiber spoiler ext

    Alpine ILX-107 HeadUnit w/ maestro RR integration
    Custom no-cut 2 din fascia (still being developed)
    Reverse camera
    Arm rest delete

    I'm definitely forgetting some things, but that is as it sits today.
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    Love your wheels.

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    Holy smokes guys, this is a tough decision, I love both of these builds.

    +1 on the silhouette shot Tramonto, I've been meaning to compliment you on it since you changed your avatar.

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