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Anyone add a backup camera to their 500e?
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Thread: Anyone add a backup camera to their 500e?

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    Question Anyone add a backup camera to their 500e?

    I'd love to have a backup camera and it's unfortunate they weren't offered in 2016 and 2017. I have the Navi screen, so I'm wondering if anyone has added a backup camera to their 500e and if you could provide details. I'm most interested in making it as OEM and factory installed as possible. Did they offer them on 2018 models and newer? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karma View Post
    Did they offer them on 2018 models and newer?
    Yes, backup cameras became standard starting with 2018 Fiat models (as required by law on all new cars).

    For 2016-2017, this looks interesting (no personal experience with it):

    Otherwise, I suggest also searching the Fiat 500 (non-electric) sections of the forums for retrofit experiences. There is nothing unique about the 500e in this area. BTW, although the 2013-2017 500e don't have a backup camera, they do come with backup sensors as standard.

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    i am looking into a backup for my cabrio. I am thinking of going to a camera that is wifi and just use my smart phone as the screen. The ones that I have seen are cheap. Can find on Ebay.

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