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6-speed manual swap
500 Madness
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Thread: 6-speed manual swap

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    6-speed manual swap

    Seems like the standard Fiat 500 1.4 could really use a 6-speed manual transmission and Fiat has one on the 500L 1.4 turbo. Has anyone out there made this swap? Seems like it should almost be a straight bolt-up...

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    Not enough room for any of the regular 6 speeds. The 500L run the C635 (same as the Dodge Dart) but the ratios are for a turbo car and likely will not translate well to a NA car plus it doesn't physically fit.
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    What texanBrit said ..... space. Iirc there is a six speed manual available in Europe but the substantial redesign of the 500 for the North American market with its additional body structure for a third load path (it runs under the engine cradle) for frontal impacts didn't leave enough room for the six speed. The tradeoff was we got a safer car but no six speed.

    A six speed manual would be nice for both the Abarth and the n/a 500 (if they ever decide to bring it back) .... I'm thinking 5 more evenly, closer spaced ratios and save sixth for O/D. Both mpg and acceleration should improve.
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