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11mpg on a abarthh - Page 2
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Thread: 11mpg on a abarthh

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    Hi All,

    So finally i did the drill. Slightly different according to what my mechanic needed.

    So i spent a whole tank and finally the car stoped out of gas, refilled it with some spare bottles of gas i left in the car.

    So here it is:

    With one tank mostly inner urban - city i did: 280km out of a 37.53liters tank while the car showed the car spent 14.4 liters per 100 km.

    I asked my mechanic again he said the problem is that when he does the computer test the car gives the error for the o2 oxygen... This is the error code he gets: 68070 689AA

    Please let me know on the thoughts....

    Thanks in advance

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    A thought just before you spend $$$ on a mechanic is to actually calculate your mpg. Don't go by the trip computer, do it manually. Fill Up, stop filling when the pump turns off, mark your mileage, and drive. Go back to the same pump at the same time of day and stop filling when the pump turns off. Squeezing more into your tank is not good for for your cars EVAP system, and going back to the same pump and the same time of day will yield the most accurate results. You want accurate results so you aren't chasing a non-existent problem.

    You may also want to do a highway mileage test where you drive half a tank or more on the highway steady speed at legal limit with the cruise control on.

    The other thing to keep in mind is probably 90% of fuel economy comes down to driving technique and driving conditions. City driving is basically the stop light grand prix - first -second -stop. Keeping up with traffic and getting hard on the boost will kill gas mileage. Idling at a traffic light adds up, too, substantially.

    OK, so if your mileage still stinks. A few things that can affect fuel economy are:

    • Driving with the Sport button on.
    • Tires not inflated properly.
    • Engine oil wrong viscosity.
    • Overdue on oil change. Oil condition affects cars with variable valve timing.
    • Air filter old and dirty.
    • Engine tune. Make sure your spark plugs aren't overdue for a change. Cars with a tune or piggyback need plugs changed more often. Plugs also deteriorate as they get miles on them. Check your maintenance schedule.
    • A big thing is dragging brakes. Cars that sit around or have low miles are prone to have brakes that drag. You can check when you stop on a a very slight inclines to see if your car rolls easily when you take your foot off the brake.

    Let us know how you make out.
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    Sorry to butt in, but did you run it out of gas? Ouch! That can damage a fuel pump.

    From those readings, you got 16 or 17 MPG. You mention driving in traffic. Do you spend a lot of time idling, or dashing from light to light? If you have a manual transmission, what gear are you in mostly?

    I think they want the OBDII reading. That will be a code similar to P0135. (The number you listed is the O2 sensor part number.) Are you going to install the sensor?

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