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Spark Plug Wire source? - Page 3
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Thread: Spark Plug Wire source?

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    A misfire is a pretty easy and standard repair to track down and repair. Requires absolutely zero specialty fiat knowledge. Any fiat dealer or independent should have no trouble finding the issue. I wouldnt worry about a shop not knowing what to do.
    2013 abarth
    Spec 2+ clutch
    Working on new divided turbo setup
    Homebrew fmic w/ corsa forza hoses
    Stock Downpipe with cat and 2.25discharge
    Homemade cowl intake
    ECB yellows/stop tech fluid
    Braces and strut mounts
    Corsa forza vento
    E30 blend

    2013 abarth tork tuned
    cowl intake, custom fmic and bypass valve, vogtlands, rear vette bilstiens, long 3 inch downpipe to stock rear section.

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    Had AWBART towed to a dealer for diagnostics and repair. Turns out that a plug was fouled...didn’t look that bad when I pulled it myself ... oh well. And they cleaned the injectors. Plus, and maybe not directly related, replaced the plastic hose that directs air into the air cleaner. Turns out it cracked and chunks were missing on the underside that I couldn’t see. Got it back late Friday afternoon. Drove it for two hours to the track, did 4 good AX runs, and drove back home. Repeated it again today. Running like a top, and seems perfectly normal now
    Bill Tubbs

    2013 Nero Abarth
    RRM Rear Anti-sway Bar, Neuf Shifter Adapter, NORCAL SS Custom Gauge and Pillar Pod, K&N Air Filter, Bridgestone RE-71, 205/45-16 on Sparco Assetto Gara wheels, Alfa Romeo coil packs

    2019 SCCA Sacramento - HS Class Champion

    2018 SCCA Sacramento - CS Class Champion (1999 BMW Z3 Coupé)
    2017 SCCA Sacramento - HS Class Champion
    2016 SCCA Sacramento - 3rd GS
    2015 SCCA Sacramento - 2nd GS
    2014 SCCA Sacramento - 3rd GS
    2013 SCCA Sacramento - 2nd GS

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