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Tire choices - trade-offs - advice needed
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Thread: Tire choices - trade-offs - advice needed

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    Tire choices - trade-offs - advice needed

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    Hi, have been driving my 2015 500e for about 2 months and have to get new tires. Have the original Firehawks 185/55r15 but thought I would try to get more grip. I thought about a 205/50r15 because they were wider but same diameter, but after putting it on the front 5.5" wide rim, was thought that the sidewall bulged out past the rim too far. So then installed Hankook Ventus V2 195/50r15. Had to choose between 50 or 55 aspect. 50 made it .3" smaller vs. if had gone with 55 which made it .4" taller. So they felt good on the way to the freeway, but then on the freeway, they grabbed the rain grooves so much that I had to look to see if I was in a hurricane, the car was just shifting back and forth a lot, but there was no wind. I had to google it and learned about "tramlining". I never noticed any of that really with the OE tires. I ended up returning those and have the stock put back on for now.

    My question is, what do you think about the choice between the 195/55 vs 195/50 especially since both of those sizes change the diameter up or down? I realize there are all kinds of trade-offs but it is a mystery to me what will be the biggest, and if those are worth it. I of course would like to keep range about the same. And I want to keep acceleration as close as possible. Heck, I want more of both, but also some more grip, and maybe ride quality is more important than I am giving credit for. So what are your thoughts. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum. I tagged a few threads with 185 55 15 that have a lot of info in them. You can check them out here:

    Tag: 185 55 15
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    I would ask what you need more grip for? That is what conditions? Location?

    One thing to be aware of - more grip means more resistance to roll... that is less miles per kWh.
    Mine came with 185/60x15. They have enough grip in the straight line on dry pavement.
    Wet - well, not so much. Cold - of course even worse.

    Turns? A lot of torque steer and easy to spin them. That is low speed.
    At high speed - they track quite well.

    I would love to have more grip in colder days and on wet. How big trade off that would be with low rolling resistance tires? I am not sure...
    Do I care now? Honestly not so much. But this is me.
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