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Thread: Part number Alfa Romeo 4C Coil Pack??

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    Part number Alfa Romeo 4C Coil Pack??

    Anyone got the Mopar part number for an Alfa Romeo 4C Coil Packs? From everything Ive read they are a direct swap correct? I believe the spark plugs I need are NGK SIKR9A7. Any help?
    Im not a Mopar guy...Im a FCA guy...Im so happy Fiat took Chrysler under its wing! With that said I have a good collection of FCA cars.

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    Most people run the Bosch coils; however the eldor coils are a little cheaper

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    Has anyone had experience using the Eldor coils (68308653AA)? I have them on order, however can't find much for real world experience from people using them on their 500 abarth

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    Quote Originally Posted by abarthshep View Post
    Has anyone had experience using the Eldor coils (68308653AA)? I have them on order, however can't find much for real world experience from people using them on their 500 abarth
    Any news on these? I'm thinking of getting these as well.
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