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Thread: Album art for usb flash drive mp3s

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    Album art for usb flash drive mp3s

    Ok, it looks like my wonderful iPod Classic will NEVER be capable of responding to uConnect voice commands, so I am grudgingly looking at alternatives.

    I dumped some albums onto a USB flash drive. It does respond to voice commands.

    However, album art seems to be a mystery - there doesnt seem to be rhyme or reason to getting cover art to appear with albums. Does the artwork need to be named something specific and placed in each albums folder, or is it more complicated, i.e. using an app to marry metadata to songs, as you may do in iTunes?

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    It reads the album art from the metadata, but it has to be a particular file format (I forget what it is called). The best way to add album art to your songs is to use a program called MusicBrainz Picard. This lets you edit the metadata with the correct album art file type.

    First, you add your song to the Unclustered Files folder (it may automatically populate the album it belongs to on the right, but it often will populate an album without art, or a Greatest Hits album, when you want the actual original album, so if this happens, just drag the song from the right back to the Unclustered Files folder, then delete whatever album it auto-populated on the right).

    Second, highlight the song and click Lookup in Browser (you can also hit Scan, but again, it often finds the wrong album, so I prefer to manually do it).

    The web page will show you results of the song, artist, etc.

    Once I see the album title (if I do not already know it), I click the Artist's name to bring a list of all of his/her albums, then I click on the correct album, which will bring a screen with lots of versions of the album (British, Australian, American, Canadian, etc.).

    From that list, click on the green TAGGER link. That will move the album back to your MusicBrainz Picard program. You want to make sure the album you selected already has cover art linked to it. You can see in my screenshot where I circled "1 image". If there is no image linked, pick a different version of the album.

    Next, drag your song from the left to the matching song title on the right (it will then be highlighted pink on the right), click on the song on the right, and hit the Save button at the top. It will save the song with the new metadata.

    You can mess with the settings under Options - File Naming to decide how you want the file names to display, but I won't go into that here. You also may need to enable Cover Art (Options - Cover Art - Embed cover images into tags) if it is not checked by default.

    As you can tell, I was bored today, so I hope this helps.

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    Thanks, this is a brilliant tutorial, which I discovered last year but it’s great you posted the steps for others. MP3tag Freac I think are other apps I found for metadata editing. iTunes doesn’t do the job UNLESS you’re using an Apple product. And yes, Musicbrainz is one of the few remaining sources.

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