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Stuff you hear when people see you drive a 500 Abarth - Page 3
500 Madness
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Thread: Stuff you hear when people see you drive a 500 Abarth

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvmaster View Post
    a woman I know said it was cute
    It's not cute! It has scorpions! Scorpions aren't cute.

    There's another Abarth in my town and the owner has put eyelashes on the headlights and a windup key on the trunk. I weep every time I see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    Sounds like jealousy to me. Too insecure to drive what they want instead of what society thinks they want?

    Who knows. I get dirty looks all the time, but the naysayers don't really take the time to talk to me. Plenty of small and unreliable comments. I did some quick math at the end of year two and so far the Abarth has been cheaper to own than our German cars by a factor of 2-5 depending on the car. >.<


    Fling It Around Turns!

    My sentiments exactly. I love the car. Love the way it looks, drives and makes me feel when I'm in it. And, your right, - it's been cheaper to maintain than my 05 Acura TL that it replaced as a commuter.

    Quote Originally Posted by tvmaster View Post
    Lol, yes, a woman I know said it was cute, but it was far too small for the freeway and shouldn’t be allowed on such! I responded that her Subaru Outback was far too large and difficult for the rest of us to see around. At that point her brain short-circuited.

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    Today my neighbour said "hey, I saw your exact same car at the yacht club on the weekend".
    The yacht club....oooo la la....note taken that the Abarth made an imprint in his brain which he remembered in detail...

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    Had a convenience store clerk call it a Beetle yesterday when I stopped for gas. Don't think she's seen to many Fiats.

    2012 Pop Cabrio (Lil Blue/Poco Blu) 2013 Abarth Cabrio (Poco Ribelle) 1980 Spider Pininfarina 2000 (Money Pit)

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    Things I've heard since I bought mine:
    "Do you have to pull it back to get it to go?"
    "We could put that in the back of a truck and save you some gas."
    "What size batteries does it take?"
    "Where's the rest of the car?"

    Took a lot of teasing at work...until I took a few of the guys out for a ride. Now I have all their respect, including the guy who drives a Super Snake. He was the most impressed and now wants to talk cars all the time. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    Lol, Truck-butt is a serious issue! Another reason to love the Abarth for long distance trips, a surprisingly tall point of view.

    As a motorcyclist I always find "too small" comments to be hilarious. All things considered my 500 is WAAAAY too big for a single human to commute in. It's really inefficient. But the weather isn't nice all the time and sometimes I'm just too lazy to put on protective gear.
    Oh God I've had the "That thing must be great on gas comments". I'm like yea that's exactly why I bought this car, lol. I ride too and love my motorcycle but there are days I just don't feel like putting on all the gear and dealing with all the idiots in traffic. As I'm typing this, debating whether to drive the Abarth or ride the Scrambler to work! 5 years of Abarth ownership and counting........Dare I say I've had Mini Cooper S thoughts on my mind lately. Need to get that thought out of my head.
    2013 Rosso Abarth - E/C - V4.1, Eurodrive, Intercooler, Neu-F torsion bar, , ss adapter, springs, koni rear, GFB DV...
    2011 Ducati Monster 796
    2015 Audi A3 2.0T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Blue View Post
    Had a convenience store clerk call it a Beetle yesterday when I stopped for gas. Don't think she's seen to many Fiats.
    That’s the main reason I bought mine is because it looked kinda like a 60’s Beetle.
    Someone tells me they could put my car in the back of their truck and save me some gas I’d say sure!
    From some girls: “Cute car”.
    In the middle of South Carolina near cotton fields (never seen): “Is that a F I A T?” Answer: “Why yes it is. “ in 2014
    Sometimes I get 4 year old kids crossing the street with mom and the kid points at my car. Amusing.
    2013 Fiat 500 Sport AT, Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra, 3M Crystalline Window Tint, Black top stripes, Black "500" (wide) side stripes. Fiat "500" Stainless door sills by Mopar. BlueTooth music streaming. OBDII BlueTooth Torque gauges streaming to smart phone. BF Goodrich Sport Comp II tires, STS rear sway bar, Euro+Drive NA 500 Tune, BMC reusable air filter and Spare Tyre with cover.

    Blast to drive! 25 years newer than last car!

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    Yes, where's the other half of your car; Good mileage?; Grins, several thumbs up & nods of approval. Also, after going through a tunnel a young guy said he couldn't wait to hear the exhaust after having the car on his Forza game.

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    From a LaFerrari Aperta driver at a light...that thing is pretty quick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by peppeabarth View Post
    Dare I say I've had Mini Cooper S thoughts on my mind lately. Need to get that thought out of my head.
    No shame in that. The new JCW valved exhaust sounds 90% as good as an Abarth when open. Makes me chuckle that it's "for off-road use only" while the Abarth exhaust is legal. =P

    I don't think the 3rd gen MCS is as playful as the first two gens. I think most of this comes down to it's weight. If I buy a 3rd gen MINI it will be a Clubman or the 1.5T 3cyl base model.

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