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Adding HD radio
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Thread: Adding HD radio

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    Adding HD radio

    I have a 2014 Abarth GQ edition with the semi-standard blue and me/cd stereo(beats in my case) and wanted to add HD radio for this one great station I used to play alot in my previous leased car, does our radio have a set of rca's(preamp input) that can be used to add an HD radio piggyback? Also as long as we are talking electronics when I first got the car it showed miles per gallon in the instrument cluster and now just date and time which I would rather it was as I got it, I have tried so many times to revert back but does anyone know how to do so?

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    As for the HD station, I don't know of any add-on for that. People once thought this would threaten satellite radio, but it seems to be used by a handful of college stations in my area.

    For the display, press the button on your right stalk to cycle through display options: date and time, range, trip odometer, mileage, instant mileage, etc.
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