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Toronto Chapter of Fiat Club America weekly meet
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Thread: Toronto Chapter of Fiat Club America weekly meet

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    Toronto Chapter of Fiat Club America weekly meet


    La Paloma Ice Cream and Cafe
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]200 Windflower Gate, Woodbridge, Ontario[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]North / West corner of Highway 7 and Weston Road.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D](adjacent to the Canadian Tire)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]The official dates are as follows: [/COLOR][COLOR=#3C3A3D]First Tuesday[/COLOR][COLOR=#3C3A3D] of each month, mark them on your calendar: [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]May 7 / June 4/ July 2 / August 6 / September 3 / October 1[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]Please note that on any given Tuesday night in the summer at La Paloma, you will find a group of Italian car enthusiasts, so please do not limit yourself to the above dates we are there every week ,weather permitting.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]Start times are approx. 7:00 pm and go until dusk.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]All enthusiasts and other Italian marques are welcome sorry no domestic vehicles . Join us in us for our 18th year [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D]Jerry Cucchiara Chapter Contact [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#3C3A3D](416) 857-2438[/COLOR]

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