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Timing belt question
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Thread: Timing belt question

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    Timing belt question

    So I have a question about the timing belt for my 2012 Abarth. I pretty much know the answer since Iíve been working on cars for over 25 years, but just wanted a couple opinions. I know the interval for a timing belt change on our engines is, I believe, 152,000 miles or 10 years whichever comes first. At my current pace it will take me another 21 years to reach 152,000 miles, but Iím only 3 years away from the time limit. In three years I may be at 50,000 total miles so I was wondering if it may be possible to delay the belt change on these cars. Anyone that has done the belt change or has had their engines apart and can report on belt conditions it would be appreciated. Basically I can do the job, but really dread the thought in three years so if belt detrioration is not an issue maybe I can delay the job for a while. I know Iím asking years in advance, but itís just something Iíve been thinking about. Thanks everyone.

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    I haven't heard any stories of like premature or frequent tensioner failures or water pump flying to pieces on this engine. So I wouldn't worry about the interval on time. I'd start periodically taking the time to tear into it and physically touch/check the belt maybe when I got up there in years. I'll be in same situation as you if I keep the car that long. Im a little over 8k miles on a 2013. I've had many cars that I was well over on time but not mileage. The 150k service interval, I personally dont trust that. I've seen waaaaaaaaaay to many Audi and vw belt failures to just run a belt for 150k. I dont care what the manufacturer says. They also say you can change the oil every 10k lol. The timing belt is probably the 3rd most critical system behind oil and coolant. So why play games. If o own my car that long, it will get a belt between 80 and 100k but with no thought to age. Remmber too, to check the teeth all the way around spinning the motor. Often belts.dont break, the teeth shear off. Usually starts with like 1 or 2 which wont hurt anything. But these will quickly turn into several in a row as the neighbors take on more load. You get a series of missing teeth its bye bye to cam timing. Or you could just change the belt tens. and pump around 80 to 100k and avoid the inspections and worry.
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    I would use the fiat guide as a compass. It wouldn’t hurt to change them coming up soon. Before I got rid of my 2012 sport I replaced them because my trusty fiat service manager told me they were getting stiff and showing some cracking. Just wearing out. So my current car the Infiniti QX56 has timing chains it was replaced under warranty just before I bought it at 82k the dealership did because, there was a recall. The director told me they wanted to have them replaced for all model years. But I think you might be fine but if it was me and I had that car I would replace or have them check it soon, just because it’s getting old.

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    I would definitely change it by 100k miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. Rubber deteriorates with time, there's no way around this. With a normal car it's less of an issue, but with one you beat on like this, it's definitely more important to be conservative with the replacement schedule.
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