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500 Madness
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Thread: Re-introduction

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    I had a 2013 500 Abarth for a couple years that I loved - spent some time on the forums here while I had it. Sold it when I bought a BMW M235i. But I couldn't stay away! Today I bought a 2018 124 Spider Lusso. Oddly enough, I bought it as a used car from a Chrysler dealership in FL with 24 miles on it. Got a pretty good deal I think - $22K plus taxes and the usual ridiculous FL dealer fees. These guys bought a big lot of dead dealer inventory and auto show cars. Mine is just a basic Lusso, no options. Has 45 months of warranty left on it. Forte Black on Saddle, 6spd stick. It joins a 2017 VW GTI Sport at my winter place in FL. It's my 50th birthday present to myself (or a mid-life crisis). At my place in Maine I have a '74 Triumph Spitfire, '95 Land Rover Discovery, and an '11 BMW 328i wagon in unicorn RWD/6spd stick spec. The Spitfire was my quarter-life crisis - I've owned it for 26 years.

    I drove my Spider 140 miles home from the dealer on a variety of roads - really liking it so far! I tried the Miata too, but liked the Fiat turbo motor and looks better. The torque suits my laid-back driving style better.

    Kevin Rhodes
    Port Charlotte, FL, Westbrook, ME
    Kevin Rhodes
    Port Charlotte, Florida, Westbrook, Maine
    '18 FIAT 124 Spider Lusso
    '17 VW GTI Sport
    '11 BMW 328i Touring
    '95 Land Rover Discovery
    '74 Triumph Spitfire

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    Congrats on the new wheels!

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    Congrats on the new car. What dealer did you get it from in Florida. Yea second on the nuts dealer fees in Florida.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post

    I had a 2013 500 Abarth for a couple years that I loved - spent some time on the forums here while I had it.

    Kevin Rhodes
    Port Charlotte, FL, Westbrook, ME
    Congratulations on the new Spider and welcome back. I blame you and a host of others for the rosso '13 500 Sport sitting in the garage. Was a lurker here and then signed up in 2013. You and and a host of others kindly answered my multitude of questions about the 500 .... 78,000 miles later I'm still here. Hope the new Lusso gets to see Maine ... top down in the fall sounds pretty darn good.
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