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Intermediate steering shaft
500 Madness
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Thread: Intermediate steering shaft

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    Intermediate steering shaft

    Hello everyone.
    Fiat newbie here and about to take on my first repair. I am going to replace the intermediate steering shaft as it clunks a bit. My question is... where are parts available and bought? Has anyone done this and what was cost?
    Any information appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tjbagz View Post
    Hello everyone.
    Fiat newbie here and about to take on my first repair. I am going to replace the intermediate steering shaft as it clunks a bit. My question is... where are parts available and bought? Has anyone done this and what was cost?
    Any information appreciated.
    Thank you!
    Lubricate the joint with some white lithium grease (you can use the spray kind) and the clunk should magically disappear without replacing any parts.
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    What SeaDawg said. Lubricating the joint will fix the clunk. Way easier then replacing the joint, only to have it clunk again.
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    Just posted the quote below to answer a similar question:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    There are numerous threads with info on this. There is a fix out there:

    Fiat Technical Bulletin number: 19-002-15: Clunking Noise From The Steering Column While Turning The Steering Wheel


    Check out the forum tags Steering Clunk and Steering Shaft and the related Threads listed below.

    Another post with good info:

    Quote Originally Posted by John Montgomery View Post
    If the steering is giving you a "popping" noise when turning left and right especially on low speed turns (or in reverse backing up) it is the steering shaft between the steering wheel and the firewall. The part is a round shaped steel shaft within a larger steel shaft receiver sleeve. In a crash it functions a little like a trombone works. If you were in a crash it slides inward together to "collapse" in to protect you. You can see this part very easy in the driver's footwell.

    All you have to do is open the driver's door and look behind the gas and brake pedal, you will clearly see the steel steering shaft running up from the lower firewall to the steering wheel. The shaft within a shaft can develop some axial play and that results in a popping noise and less sharp steering feel. Yes, it sounds like a bad tie rod or suspension part but its not. It has nothing to do at all with the suspension or the rack but rather the tolerance between the inner shaft and outer shaft.

    It has nothing to do with how you drive. We replaced one for a senior citizen lady driving a 2013 Pop Automatic with 8000 miles. It bolts in from the top and bottom and is replaced from inside the driver's footwell, bolting up on each end. The Fiat part number is 68105066AC for North American 500 vehicles.

    It is hard to understand how a Fiat dealer could be unaware of the problem. Tell the dealer you want this part replaced under warranty. If your car is out of warranty the price is about $195. Here at our dealership (Benson Fiat in SC) we have replaced several including my own personal 2013 Fiat Abarth.

    Also, you mentioned a non starting issue? I have found that a tiny bit of corrosion under the negative battery ground is almost always the culprit. Use a 10 MM wrench, take off the clamp, clean the inside of the banded clamp and the battery post. That should cure the issue.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't bother with the replacement. I had the same issue on a 2013 Sport as I did with my 2017 Abarth. Any revised part was just as bad as the original part. White lithium spray grease works. You have to spray into the slip joint which is right in the middle of the shaft. I also take a heat gun (you can use a hair dryer) to heat the joint a bit. It will make the grease flow down further into the joint. Every 6 months or so I hit is again and wipe of the excess.
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