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100K Mile Club
500 Madness
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Thread: 100K Mile Club

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    100K Mile Club

    On Sunday, my car official hit 100,000 miles. As of this posting, it sits with 100,300 miles with more to come. I drive a 2013 Fiat 500T in Grigio named La Bestiola. This has been the one car that I never thought I would ever buy, but the only car that has been such a joy to drive. This is my Top 5 Love/Hate list that I have compiled from the last few years of ownership.

    There are very very things I dislike about my car. These are the things that drive me nuts.
    The Hate list:
    1.) I hate when you are driving with the window open and a bug splatters in one the windshield. No problem. You use the sprayers and the windshield wipers scrape all that crap into your open window.
    2.) Oil changes. It's a pain in the ass to do. There's a lot of plastic bits that need to be removed in the process. It's really just a nuisance.
    3.) The ridiculously high seating position. Some times I feel like I'm a professional bar stool racer.
    4.) I'm a tall guy at nearly 6'3" but I still fit comfortably behind the wheel. What is annoying, which goes back to #3, when I pull up to a light, I can't see it. Because of the tall seating position, it makes it hard to see traffic lights without contorting my neck into a weird position to gain better visibility.
    5.) Flimsy interior pieces. Yes, I'm talking about the arm rest that breaks easily and the rear parcel shelf that folded in half when I placed a pack of gum on it. But it's not just limited to those pieces either. The visors are flimsy, door handles are kinda iffy, and plastic tabs break a little too easy when removing connectors and stuff.

    Now there are a lot of things that I love about my car.
    The Love List:
    1.) The sounds it makes. This is one sweet sounding car. To me, it sounds angry. It growls, it burbbles, it pops, bangs, hisses, whines, and sometimes spits fire. Cold morning start ups are glorious. Even though all my neighbors, coworkers, students, and just about everybody within ear shot has told me that it can be bit "loud"
    2.) It's dripping with character. In a sea of mundane SUVS, crossovers, sedans, and trucks, your car will never be mistaken for anything else but a Fiat.
    3.) Smiles per miles. I have never driven a car that has puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. It's so addicting, that I go through withdrawals when there's long periods of time when I don't get to drive it.
    4.) I love the simplicity of it all. It has the right amount of technology. You don't need a PhD in engineering to figure out how to program the radio, and most maintenance can be done in your driveway with the proper tools.
    5.) It's heritage and the community. When you drive a Fiat, you become famiglia, like you've been adopted into a large Italian family. While we may have our differences and disagreements, in the end, we all look out for each other. We celebrate each others' victories, console our losses, and supoort each other in our endeavors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Southernroadrunner View Post
    Pizzaman so in this 100k of driving and owning the car how many issues have you had for the folks that are considering a Fiat purchase. Or maybe youd rather not comment.
    In the few years I've owned my Fiat, I have had very few issues with it at all. As is common with all Fiats, I have had the side paneling replaced under warranty. The trunk handle wasn't working right, that was also replaced under warranty as well. For the most part, I've done mostly maintenance stuff on the car: oils changes every 5,000 miles, spark plugs at 30k, 60k, and I'm due for new ones, battery replaced at 60k, brakes were done at 50k, and gear oil was done at 55k, lastly, I've gone through about 3 sets of tires and I'm almost through the fourth.
    2013 500 Turbo

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    Pizzaman great post. Especially for the ones that always ask while they are thinking on buying one of the little hot rods. Good post from a senior member.
    2017 Abarth (Celeste Blu)

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    LoL I agree with the traffic Light bit. If I pull all the way up to the white line I feel like I need to sit on my head and let my legs hang out the top so I can see the light.

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