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Driver Seat Power when Vehicle Off
500 Madness
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Thread: Driver Seat Power when Vehicle Off

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    Driver Seat Power when Vehicle Off

    I bought my Fiat in 2016 and have fully enjoyed it over the years. I've had one weird and continuous problem I have been addressing with them which led them to replace the control board. Since I got the car back (I believe that's the timing), my driver seat will no longer move when I get in the car unless I hit the start button to engage power. This is new - it has always been able to move (imagine being tall and getting into a car that your much shorter wife was previously driving) - we *need* power to move the seat *before* we get into the car. Any ideas what might have changed?

    Note: as soon as I hit start the seat moves so there's no issue with function. Just (seemingly) engagement of power.

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    I would start with the right fuse... meaning is it connected to the right fuse (that would be bizarre though) and if the fuse has power when engine/AC off.

    Ours has power regardless.
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