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2015 Abarth 500 front wipers inop
500 Madness
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Thread: 2015 Abarth 500 front wipers inop

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    2015 Abarth 500 front wipers inop

    When I bought my car new, within a few months my wipers failed. They replaced the entire wiper linkage & motor assay. This week in boston we had a wild ice storm and my car was covered in ice. Unsure if my wipers were left on when I shut car off but I ensured they were off after I started to warm up. I cleared the ice around the wiper arms in the cowl and tried to sweep after melted and they didnt work any speed. I tried googling wiper fuse but only seem to see the "bi directional washer" one... any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Can you hear the motor activate? There's a chance they didn't properly tighten the nut holding the arms on when they replaced them and the ice could have moved them off the spline just enough for them to not move. That happened to me on the smaller of the two.
    Is it just the front or does the rear not work also?
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    Fiat 500 Wiper Fuse F43

    Did you operate the wipers when they are stuck to the windshield the first time they failed? Did you pull the wiper fuse and check it (number 6 - F43)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Fiat 500 Interior Fuse Box Diagram

    These fuse numbers correspond to the ones in the manual.

    Update: Here are what each fuse does for your convenience :

    Cavity Vehicle Fuse Number Mini Fuse Description
    1 F12 7.5 Amp Brown Right Low Beam
    2 F32 5 Amp Tan Front and Rear Ceiling Lights Trunk and Door Courtesy Lights
    3 F53 5 Amp Tan Instrument Panel Node
    4 F38 20 Amp Yellow Central Door Locking
    5 F36 10 Amp Red Diagnostic Socket, Car Radio, Climate Control System, TPM, TCU, CTM
    6 F43 20 Amp Yellow Bi-Directional Washer
    7 F48 20 Amp Yellow Passenger Power Window
    8 F13 7.5 Amp Brown Left Low Beam
    9 F50 7.5 Amp Brown Airbag
    10 F51 5 Amp Tan Car Radio Switch, Climate Control System, Stop Light, Exterior Mirrors, Sunroof Switch, GPS, and CTM
    11 F37 5 Amp Tan Stop Light Switch, Instrument Panel Node
    12 F49 5 Amp Tan Exterior Mirror, GPS, Electric Mirror, Parking Sensor, Sunroof Switch
    13 F31 5 Amp Tan Ignition, Climate Control, RUD, and EVCU
    14 F47 20 Amp Yellow Driver Power Window
    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Hope this helps:

    A second fuse panel is located on the right side of the engine compartment, next to the battery. To access the fuses, press the release tabs and remove the cover.

    The ID number of the electrical component corresponding to each fuse can be found on the back of the cover.

    F01 60 Amp Blue - Body Controller
    F02 20 Amp Yellow -Audio Amplifier
    F03 20 Amp Yellow -Ignition Switch
    F04 40 Amp Orange -Anti-Lock Brake Pump
    F05 70 Amp Tan -Electric Power Steering
    F06 20 Amp Yellow -Radiator Fan - Single Speed
    F06 30 Amp Green -Radiator Fan - Low Speed
    F07 40 Amp Orange -Radiator Fan - High Speed
    F08 30 Amp Green -Blower Motor

    F09 10 Amp Red - Powertrain
    F10 10 Amp Red - Horn
    F11 15 Amp Blue - Powertrain
    F11 10 Amp Red - Powertrain (Multiair If Equipped)
    F14 5 Amp Tan - High beam (Shutter)
    F15 15 Amp Blue - Cigar Lighter
    F16 7.5 Amp Brown - Transmission
    F17 25 Amp White - Powertrain (Multiair If Equipped)
    F17 15 Amp Blue - Powertrain
    F18 15 Amp Blue - Powertrain
    F18 5 Amp Tan - Powertrain (Multiair If Equipped)
    F19 7.5 Amp Brown - Air Conditioning
    F20 15 Amp Blue - Heated Seats If Equipped
    F21 15 Amp Blue - Fuel Pump
    F23 20 Amp Yellow - Anti-Lock Brake Valves
    F24 7.5 Amp Brown - Stability Control System
    F30 15 Amp Blue - Fog Lamps

    F82 30 Amp Green - Sunroof/Convertible Top (MAXIFUSE)

    F84 10 Amp Red - Transmission
    F85 15 Amp Blue - Rear Defroster, Heated Mirrors
    F87 5 Amp Tan - Lights
    F90 5 Amp Tan - Heated Mirrors

    T02 20 Amp - Main Headlights
    T03 20 Amp - Buzzers/Horn
    T05 20 Amp - A/C Compressor
    T06 30 Amp - Low/One Speed Cooling Fan
    T07 50 Amp - High Speed Cooling Fan
    T08 30 Amp - Climate Control System Fan
    T09 30 Amp - Engine Control System (Main Relay)
    T10 20 Amp - Spare
    T14 20 Amp - Fog Lights
    T17 30 Amp - Fuel Pump
    T19 30 Amp - Rear Window Defogger
    T20 30 Amp - Start Prevention with Robotized Gearbox
    T30 50 Amp - Dualogic Gearboxinterlocking Pump
    T31 30 Amp - Front 12v Power Supply
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