Hi Everybody!

I have been reading a lot this forum, I buyed a 2013 FIAT 500 Sport on March 2018, I'm the second owner and I'm from Mexico :P

Like 1 month ago I had to started problems with the suspension, so I replace some parts
(please correct me if I'm not using the correct name):

- The Frontal Struts (KYB) (image number 1)
- The Strut Mount (FIAT OEM part: 68073018AA) (image number 9)
- The bumber (FIAT OEM part: 68073020AB) (image number 4)

Replace the jounce bumper (4) on each front strut assembly. The jounce bumper design has changed to address the noise issue.">

It gets so much better and comfortable but I still feel the car "so hard" when I'm on damage roads with bumps and I was thinking to change the wheels and tires, right now I have the default tires of the 500 Sport, 195/45 16" and I have 2 options:

1) Replace the 16" wheels for the 15" wheels from the other 500 versions and use the wheel 185/55 R15
2) Change the tire size from 195/45 R16 for 205/45 R16

For what I could find on internet, this options would not modify the speedometer reads neither affect the stability control, is that correct? ... Which option would be better?
Please let me know your comments

Thanks & Regards