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Wrapup - 4 years of 500L
500 Madness
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Thread: Wrapup - 4 years of 500L

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    Wrapup - 4 years of 500L


    my Luigi has been with me for 4 years now, time to strike a balance.

    + Luigi has been very reliable in the 4 years (one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever had). The only 'defect' attributable to the car (and not to the driver ) was a detached hose of the windshield washer, self-repaired in 15 minutes. Oh well, since recently the right rear speaker rattles when playing music with strong basses, either the speaker is faulty or coming lose. Gotta find out how to remove the door panel ...

    + The car stayed in shape very well, freshly washed and cleaned, it still looks like new.

    + technical checkup after 4 years did not give any issues, the brakes are still great, there is nothing else to be replaced.

    + Build quality inside is also good, the only creaking noise in my car comes at temperatures around 10 degrees celsius (not in the heat, not in the cold) from the area of ​​the outer air vents.

    + The car has proven to be extremely practical, for the outside length unbelievable amount of space inside, only for bicycle transport (in the interior), it is a bit too short.

    + - fuel consumption in the 4 years and 40.000 km has averaged 38 mpg (diesel). My previous vehicle, a Citroen C4 Picasso, was more economical, with the same use pattern. Conclusion: Luigi is not a heavy fuel abuser, but also not among the most economical cars.

    - Residual value and environmental compatibility - apparently caused by the diesel discussion in Europe, the residual value is depressing. Independent tests have shown that the Fiat diesel engines from that generation are emitting at least as much bad stuff as the VW engines, but no one seems to care. Probably because they do not sell diesels in the US.

    - if you still want to complain about something - on its 17 "wheels, the suspension comfort is not really good, you can feel every pebble and the car runs after the ruts like our dog his treat.

    The bottom line was that I did not regret having bought the car. To buy one again would only be in question if Fiat would bring more modern drivetrains (hybrid, ...) but it does not look like that right now.


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