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500C car wash
500 Madness
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Thread: 500C car wash

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    500C car wash

    What are your thoughts on taking a 2018 500C through a car wash? I have been told
    yes and no. Thanks all.

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    what would be the reasons you shouldn’t?

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    My first thought would be the brushes aren’t good for the cloth top but know people that have done it. I’m nervous too.
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    Those brushes put minute scratches on the paint especially over time. I'd hand wash myself. If you think of your car as a utility vehicle then I guess it doesn't matter but you'd want it washed regardless.
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    I don't own a 500C, but do have two convertibles: 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP and a 1971 Triumph TR6. IMHO, I wouldn't take my convertible tops through a brushed carwash, but a 'touchless' one would probably be okay. I agree with Fabio, that the powered brushes or chamois in automated car washes are never cleaned of dirt, instead smearing the embedded dirt into your top fabric like sand paper. That, and the weight and pressure of the brush laying across your soft top can vary from place to place.

    I always hand wash my convertibles and clean, then treat my tops at least every six months. I suggest just buying a convertible top kit like this one from 303: After you clean the top, let it dry out of the sun. I typically park my cars in the garage overnight to dry after cleaning, then spray the fabric protectant and let it sit on the top until dry. Your top will look great in the dry, and bead water like crazy when it rains. The Fabric Protector also does a good job of protecting the fabric from UV.
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