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Radio equalizer?
500 Madness
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Thread: Radio equalizer?

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    Radio equalizer?

    I've seen/read that some of these radios have a 6? band equalizer and preset audio settings (Rock/Jazz/etc) and some don't. So far out of three Abarths: brother's ('14 EU spec) has it, mine (US '13) and GF (US '15) doesn't have it. Is it a question of whether the car has an amp in the trunk? I know my brother's doesn't and both my GF and I do (6 speaker alpine)

    From the manual:

    Use the buttons ▲ or ▼ to scroll through the Menu
    functions. To change the setting of the selected function,
    use the ◄ or ► buttons.
    The current status of the selected function appears on the
    The functions managed by the Audio Menu are:
    • BASS (Bass adjustment)
    • TREBLE (Treble adjustment)
    • BALANCE (right/left Balance adjustment)
    • FADER (front/rear Balance adjustment)
    • LOUDNESS (Loudness function activation/deactivation)
    EQUALIZER — if equipped (activation and selection
    of factory equalization adjustments)
    USER EQUALIZER — if equipped (customized equal-
    ization adjustment)


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    My 2018 Abarth has bass, mid and treble adjustment only.
    2018 MT Abarth 500, piggyback and a filter.

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