First off, stupidest name I've ever heard. Second, I know it only works with phone and text. But my glovebox usb doesn't work either for music. In fact, I have a recorder and an few keyboard and mellotron type apps and sometimes at random it will play recordings i made on those without me doing anything. But won't play spotify or pandora. It works thru the auxiliary port though. Next question, WTF is the box under passenger seat with usb ports for? It just charges phone? That doesn't seem right. I expected an Italian car to have wonky stupid, infotainment, but with only 6000 miles, I expected it to work still. Anyways, any info, explanation, or advice would he appreciated. I actually just upgraded from a pretty old phone to a galaxy 9. But I haven't driven the car in a while to see if a newer android works better with it. Btw this is a 2013abarth.