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Fiat / Alfa Romeo USA - is there a future? - Page 3
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Thread: Fiat / Alfa Romeo USA - is there a future?

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    I agree there has to be 100% committed people running things - whether at the top or even at a dealer. Dealers (and frankly, the executives) should be given a hardcore lesson in what Fiat SpA has contributed to the automotive world. From learning that nearly all modern front-drive-cars are copied from the Fiat 128, the Ferrari relationship and all the other companies that Fiat owned and their contributions, plus a million other things.

    We know that the Italians have produced beautiful cars, but they also have produced some of the most practical family cars ever and Fiat is considered a leader is small car design, so there is room for us here at the table.

    Surprisingly, the biggest problem for our future is upcoming emission standards and regulations that mean huge expenditures and makers of unique niche vehicles are in danger of extinction, so they need to concentrate on making money to survive. Hence, high volume/big selling pickups and SUVS are getting the attention now. In this country the Fiat brand could be in a good position when an economic downturn happens as long as they have viable and modern products in the marketplace. Small cars don't make profits, but ones with unique style and class should potentially command higher prices and that's where Fiat fits in. We can hope...
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