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Special Edition Abarths in USA - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: Special Edition Abarths in USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Blue View Post
    <heck>...I really didn't know what it was until we got ours, but thanks to here, and a little research/reading...I educated myself a bit so I could explain what an Abarth was when I started taking her to cars and coffee and such. Some of the comments from people who don't know..like the little old lady at the grocery store who said it looked like a death trap and wouldn't feel safe...and would stick with her big ole suv/truck. My reply was basically if you weren't such a <crappy> driver you wouldn't need something so big.

    Others are hung up on more HP means better performance...etc. And the owners that you can tell they don't get it/bought the wrong car for them when they compare it to....oh say Honda (or even worse...the <ugh> smart car) all the time and how far superior it is compared to the Fiat brand. Gets old after a while. Drove ours from Kansas City to upstate NY with one overnight before reaching my home town..through unexpected white out conditions along the thruway...and then onto Troy along route 20...with no issues...and very comfortable. And though we had to get a bit creative with our luggage...we still had room for stuff on the way back...and did a little antiquing along the way.

    It does get weary, but what keeps me going is the folks that know about the car, own them or who have an honest curiosity, are interesting and intelligent and that more than makes up for the knuckleheads out there with closed mines with no automotive knowledge outside their small world. A select few know about these cars, and I'm happy with being among them. After 40 years of being around these cars, I don't even pay attention or even acknowledge the others. Besides, I'm having too much fun with the cars and hanging out and meeting all the cool people in the community.
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