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Vertical chassis braces
500 Madness
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Thread: Vertical chassis braces

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    Vertical chassis braces

    I was wondering if these really do help out and are worth the price?CORSA FORZA FIAT 500/ABARTH VERTICAL CHASSIS BRACES I have noticed several designs and brands, is one better than the other? Thanks

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    Fiat Phil,

    What sets our braces apart from any other vertical brace on the market are these four exclusive features.
    1) They are the lightest vertical brace's out there at only 1.5lbs
    2 They are the only vertical brace's that are manufactured from 6061 Aluminum Alloy.
    3) Unlike the other braces, our's are manufactured straight so to improve both rigidity and performance.
    4) Lastly, they come with a Lifetime Warranty.

    Oh and they are also the least expensive

    They are are available through our site, as well as 500 Madness, and Amazon all with free shipping

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask

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    I've run El Gato braces for years. They make a very noticeable difference to the way that the car bites into a turn. The stock ones are junk, and anything would constitute an upgrade. I've even seem people run double sets of OEM braces and notice some benefit.

    I don't there is much benefit of one version over any other, so go with whomever you trust. Definitely upgrade this, the sub-chassis brace and the rear bar though.
    2013 500c Abarth - phase 3
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    yes, yes and yes

    Massive difference in how the front end feels, also, many seem to forget about the subframe brace that goes under the car. When I replaced this one with the CFP one the difference in feel was just as much as the side braces if not more. Now the front wheels actually feel connected to the car.

    They are both pretty cheap upgrades so I would suggest getting both if the budget allows, if you do any sort of spirited driving, canyon runs, HPDE events then get them it really tightens everything up in the front. There was a picture of an abarth under a heavy corner and the factory subframe brace was literally bent in an upside U, that is how much flex there was allowing the outside tire to have even more positive camber, which is already not needed...
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