I bought my Abarth about four months ago. It was a trade in at a mini dealership here in metro Atlanta. It had 39000 miles on it and it's fully loaded minus leather I think. It has beats and a sunroof. It had no mods but it looked good and got it for a decent price.

If anyone has any advice on things I should look out for on a used Abarth I would appreciate that. I think it's time for brakes and rotors, I've just been putting it off and I haven't had the oil light come on yet so I haven't changed it but I'm keeping an eye on the levels. I had to top up the coolant with a little bit of distilled water since it was slightly low. I think I'm supposed to have the sunroof lubed and change the filters so I still need to do that too. Haven't taken it to a dealership because I wasn't impressed by the Fiat shop near me when I was looking. If anyone knows of a good spot in Atlanta that would be cool to know too. The only thing I have really done to the car is replace the factory heat shield with a ptp turbo blanket. Can't really say for sure whether it lowered my intake temps or not because of so many variables but I've been keeping tabs on them with the torque app.

On to the fun stuff: wish list!
Phase 0 of my mods will be the EC phase 0 power pack hopefully. Which will be the plugs, coil packs, gfb dv+ and e+d tune.
Phase 1 will be an ATM fmic and fenderwell intake with phase 1 tune.
Phase 2 will be an upgraded exhaust and phase 2 tune.
I may do some other mods along the way like rear seat delete etc but that's the main plan. It may never happen but it's the plan haha. I don't know much about suspension mods or if I even need them on my daily so that's why I didn't mention any.

But yea that's me!