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Roof Weight Capacity for Fiat 500L
500 Madness
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Thread: Roof Weight Capacity for Fiat 500L

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    Roof Weight Capacity for Fiat 500L

    Hello Everyone!

    Does anyone out there know the roof weight limit for a 2014 Fiat 500L Easy? I am trying to place a 95lbs roof top tent on my car. I know that Thule makes heavy duty 130 lbs Capacity cross bars that will work, but I don't know if my roof will support the weight of tent, my dog and me. Total weight will be approx. 260 lbs when car is static (not moving). Can my roof support this with the right racks? I am hearing mixed answers on this, and I don't want to crush my roof!

    Much appreciated,

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    Hello TravelGirl and Welcome!

    I read this on another forum but you should verify elsewhere too. Hopefully someone with an installed rack will chime in.

    "Dealership told me the roof had a 300 pound max weight limit. I spent an hour in there asking questions "

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    Consider finding and downloading a European manual -- e.g., from the UK -- and looking for the info there. European manuals will likely have both roof capacities and towing capacities.
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    The European manual for a 2014 500L says that the maximum roof load is 60 kg (132 lbs). Hope this helps.

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    Looks to be a bit less in the US Model. This came from the US Owners manual.

    Page 148

    The crossbars and siderails are designed to carry the
    weight on vehicles equipped with a luggage rack. The
    load must not exceed 110lbs (50 kg), and should be
    uniformly distributed over the luggage rack crossbars.
    Their are two attachment points inside the door jambs
    thatthe Roof Rack crossbars attach to.

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    Not exactly related; but my '79 Strada had factory roof rails. Tried to carefully/slowly carry a full-size mattress and foundation strapped to the rails. Enough wind got under the front edge that the force lifted the two front mounting points OUT of the sheet metal!!! Fortunately, I had also tied the cargo down through the windows and around in a few spots. Being a poor person who had just moved and couldn't afford a proper fix, I used Shoe Goo to seal the holes and re-anchor the connectors. Never had a problem after that! Shoe Goo...The liquid answer to duct tape!!!
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