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Thread: Changing out the shift knob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustbucket View Post
    FIAT Minneapolis
    Oh nice. That's my go-to Studio.
    I agree, service is top notch, sale people and service alike are invested in the brand. I prefer when Carl is around, but I appreciate that when folks don't know the answer they admit it and call me back instead of BSing me like some dealers I've dealt with.

    Wouldn't repair my side skirts for me but when one wheel bearing died they replaced the passenger rear at the same time as preventative maintenance. Can't win em all.

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    I've dealt with some real knuckleheads over the years which maybe is one reason why FIAT Minneapolis stands out for me. Wife's then new Escape went in for undercoating at the dealer where we bought it and they said it was ready .... the entire passenger side of the car including the glass was covered with overspray from the undercoating ..... looked like a case of the measles. Then there was my new VW diesel pickup, they'd nicked me $175 for "dealer prep". Picked the truck up and took off ... The driver's seat was rocking around; they apparently had managed to break some bushings under the seat between my test drive and the time I picked it up. And the fuel gauge was below empty so I stopped for fuel. Opened the flap and the fuel cap was missing ... "dealer prep" my #@+. I could go on but you get the idea.

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