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New wipers - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: New wipers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post

    Ooops, this thread is rather derailed. I'm anxious to hear about your MM wipers. I just picked up 2 sets of blades for the winter on a promotion for ~$3/blade. So far they are good and when they only last 1-2 months I won't be upset about it.
    It's only a little off topic. But the MM blades work fine. If they last me till spring then I feel I got my moneys worth. They're a lot better than the old set I replaced. Not to say the Bosch are not good, it was just their time to go.
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    Agreed, I like Bosch wipers but the cost/longevity has never sat well with me. Still, better than some that I've used for sure. I'd be completely blown away if my cheapo Napa wipers last the winter. I'm trying to think back... and I don't think I've replaced the little wiper in the two years I've owned the car, either the P.O. put something magical on or it doesn't take much abuse... Or I've gotten lucky.

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