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Thread: Typical tire mileage?

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    Typical tire mileage?

    Just curious. Bought my '14 turbo w/ 27k miles (and fresh oil) and changed the oil yesterday at 30k. As I have always rotated my BMWs' tires every oil change, figured I'd do the same for the Fiat. Was surprised to find that each wheel was on its 3rd set of balancing weights evidenced by the old double faced adhesive residue remaining on the inside of each wheel. Is it possible my car is on its 3rd set of tires at 30k miles?

    Obviously, everyone's tires will wear differently depending on driving style and tire but most cars seem to get a typical amount of mileage out of any given set of tires. How many miles do you get?

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    Doesn't sound quite right, 3 sets in 30k. Maybe they just rebalanced the tires on a rotation basis or something like that. I've seen folks comment they had to replace the oem at around 19k which doesn't seem very long. Think alignment and the driving styles that people use are the main factors. Guess put a new set on and have it aligned properly and see how it goes.
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    Indeed, being on the 3rd set of tires w/ only 30k miles seemed unlikely, hence my inquiry. Being that the tires on the car where fairly new at the time of purchase, I'm guessing they are the second set and the first set must have been balanced twice. I couldn't image a 2700 # car eating a set of tires every 9 or 10k miles but not having owned a front driver in about 35 yrs, thought I'd ask.

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    Some alternative possibilities:

    Abusing a performance tire at the beginning, rather than breaking them in properly, diminishes their performance capabilities and shortens their life span. This could be a cause, as well as if the car was then autocrossed or visited places like the dragon, or driven that hard regularly.

    Changing to winter tires would require rebalancing, then back to summer, yet again, and so on.

    I can think of a couple other scenarios which differ from the previous tire sets being worn out and replaced.

    Tires could have been vandalized at some point like we once suffered....three out of four slashed by someone trying to cover up their motive for doing their intended targets vehicle, by doing several vehicles in the same lot.

    Tire(s) damaged where a replacement(s) of the same type were not available.

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    The brand of tire is a big factor as well. I have known a few people, me being one as well, that wore through the stock Pirellis pretty quick. I'm currently at 92k miles and on my 5th set of tires. The longest lasting set has been the BFGs Sport Comp-2 at 25k miles, the shortest has been the Pirelli P-zero at 17k miles.
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    Like the disclaimer says: "Your mileage may vary!"

    Yes, a lot of FIAT owners report that their OEM tires didn't last long, my Abarth original Pirellis lasted about 20,000. It all depends on how you drive, my autocross/track day tires sure don't last that long, but my everyday tires last much longer.

    Besides a generic warranty or estimated mileage, the UTQ number of the tire is also a manufacturers best guess on durability.
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