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Check Engine/Check Transmission errors
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Thread: Check Engine/Check Transmission errors

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    Check Engine/Check Transmission errors

    Good Afternoon,

    The other day, I boosted a co-workers car, everything was done properly and had no issues.

    Next day when I turn on the car I get a check engine error. Sometimes the exterior temp will only display as ---C. If the car is on and we open the passenger side door, we get a check transmission error. We have tried reconditioning the battery, no go, it will occasionally clear and work for one trip then start acting up again. As far as I can tell everything is working correctly. We are hoping to avoid taking the care to the mechanic as we are tight on money currently. Are there any other options or did I mess up my car trying to help out a buddy?

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    Based on the right door issue, and the temperature reading error, I would check the ambient temperature sensor in that door’s mirror, as well as the wiring loom passing from the body to door for a fault.

    Edit: I missed that this was for the L at first. If its temp sensor also resides in the passenger side door mirror, this might apply. If elsewhere, maybe not.

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    There is a specific procedure for jumping a dead or weak battery in the manual (assuming the 500L is the discharged battery). It involves disconnecting the negative ground cable from the battery(negative side) and attaching the jumper cable to it. The manual does not give a procedure for jumping another vehicle with the L.

    I've heard that not doing it this way can damage the computer. Search the forums for more info and I hope I am wrong.

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