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Thread: Dirty Windows, Streaks, Smears tired of this?

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    Dirty Windows, Streaks, Smears tired of this?

    Seems to have been a issue with most cars I have owned trying to get the glass clean and when you think you do until your driving toward the sun and BAM! all the smudges, streaks and little bits of cloth fibers show up. I normally don't endorse a product that claims their products work. Well just yesterday while trying to clean my windows and trying to get them lint free streak free and smug free low and behold the mailman arrives with a package from Adam's Polishes. I have used their detail wax for years actually since I met Adam about 14 + years ago selling his products at a local swap meet in Southern California. i bought some detail wax and was very impressed with the result and have used it ever since on all my cars. As he has grown he has added many products. i know this is alot to read please continue....

    I just thought I would go to his website and see what he has new for cleaning glass so I bought Spray on glass cleaner (new product) and also ordered 2 Tough Glass Towels also a new product. Low ad behold I opened the box and tried the 2 products and to my surprise they worked and I now have lint free, streak free and smug free glass. It worked!!

    So if you were like me frustrated with trying to clean your car windows check out these 2 products. No I don't get a kick back and no he is not my best friend I just happened to meet him and have seen his company grow.
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