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Corsa Forza light weight vento bar
500 Madness
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Thread: Corsa Forza light weight vento bar

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    Corsa Forza light weight vento bar

    Anyone tried one of these bars? I'm specifically referring to the one made from a Chromoly which is supposedly lighter and more rigid than other bars. Can anyone confirm the weight and/or claims or have any other anecdotes or experiences to share?

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    hmm this is interested, I have not seen this one before. As many other people do, I have the neuF one which is 14lbs and will change the feeling of your car forever! still interested to see if anyone has feedback on this light weight cfp version though. I have other cfp products and the quality is all amazing.
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    I ordered the hollow chrome-moly bar - $150.00, weight 8 pounds. The 25 mm solid bar - $125.00, weight 14 pounds. - A 6 pound saving, only $4.15 per pound!

    will report after install and road test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermiabarth View Post
    I ordered the hollow chrome-moly bar - $150.00, weight 8 pounds. The 25 mm solid bar - $125.00, weight 14 pounds. - A 6 pound saving, only $4.15 per pound!

    will report after install and road test.
    Anxious to hear how this is, both feel and ease of install. I am planning on ordering this next week myself.

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    You mean the vento? I have one, it's great. I have had it since car was nearly stock, just the bar, konis, and springs. I didnt weigh anything, but it or any rear bar is a worthwhile mod. That slight disconnect with the rear is still there. My abarth points, rotates, and Carrie's its momentum like a boxster, but I dont think and simple bolt on will cure that sensation where the rear rotates a millisecond after the front turns in. Once your use to this, I think the car is easy to drive and predictable. But with good tires, a good, not overly lowered suspension, and the typical braces and rear bar, I'd say my abarth basically handles like a proper sports car and not a hot hatch. The fast in, slow out doesn't apply near as much anymore, and with a real diff, this car would slingshot out of corners, because with coaxing, the rear comes around nicely now. Btw, I like how the car leans, to me it let's me know what's going on as much as the tires do. I'm exited to hit the track this year with more power. Last year, an airfilter and a piggyback that I swore I was removing everytime I drove the car was all I had for power mods.
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    Corsa forza vento
    E30 blend

    2013 abarth tork tuned
    cowl intake, custom fmic and bypass valve, vogtlands, rear vette bilstiens, long 3 inch downpipe to stock rear section.

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    I recently Installed a vento bar, it was cake.

    1. Jack up rear of car and take off rear wheels
    2. Loosen both 21mm Bolts with a breaker bar
    3. Pry a little at the gap behind the bar to loosen it up.
    4. Pull bar to one side and then back out the other.
    5. Install is reverse of removal, torque 21mm bolts to 140 ft-lbs.

    Took me 30 minutes start to finish. Love love love the results. I take a mountain road to work every day and the car's turn in is much more crisp and it will rotate very easily now. No drawbacks that i've noticed.

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