On Wednesday this week our Abarth wouldn't start, no previous issues. We jumpstarted the battery, drove it around the neighborhood, letting it run about 30 minutes. Turned it off, no start again. Assumed battery as it still had the original battery so bought a new battery yesterday. Car started right up. Went to drive it last night and it wouldn't start.

Today, jumpstarted again. Let idle for 20 minutes, then drove around the neighborhood. Got home, shut off car and it started right up. I turned it off and reset the clock and date. Thought I would start it up again just to confirm and no start. It acts like it wants to start but just won't fire up. I hate to say the "s" or "a" word (Starter or Alternator) because we have such luck with this car no problems other than general maintenance considering we have 63,500 miles on it and driven it all over the country.

Would love to hear your thoughts.