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500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat500_Custom

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    Quote Originally Posted by mateusz View Post
    if the heating which is also electric can reduce the range significantly and probably does not take more than 30-40A
    The cabin heater power is much higher than that. Directly heating air with electricity is inefficient and requires a lot of power. The heater was measured (with the power meter in the TomTom unit) as starting out at 4-5 kW, then leveling off at 1-1.5 kW.
    At 1.5 kW, it would be the equivalent of 125A on 12V (it isn't actually 12V because the heater is driven directly from the HV battery). The heater's steady consumption is already higher than instantaneous peaks on a stereo (nevermind the stereo's average usage).

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    Those are some good analysis of power consumption and drain. I haven't really taken a measurement or took the time to calculate all those measurement. I'm more for the comfort of the driving while enjoying my music cause it my commuter car. And lots of your calculation is based off of full load not mildly use. Normally you do not operate a car system the entire ride at peak load. So that again has lots of variable. But I could state that the 500e has a good insulation and since its small and 1 cabin space, the sound is very amazing, with great sound quality. I'll add a 12v deep cycle battery later when I play my music when the car is off. Also, I agree the drainage from operating the heater seems to be more than my amplifier so I avoid having both the heater and the car system at full blast. Enjoy the car for what's it meant to do, stay green and clean.

    Here's another guy with 3700 watts RMS

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