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    Hi All,

    New to the forum and I've been driving this Fiat500e for about 11 months now. So far I have put 18,000 miles on it. When I first got the car, I notice the tires had lots of road noise and read several forum that the tires could not be rotated. So with my background as test engineer with mechanical and electrical design and process, I decided to test this theory.

    I took off the alignment pin and drove with it for 3 months, no problem. Then I upgraded my tires to 195/65/15. The reason for such a big upgrade was comfort and quiet. Boy, this made a big difference in ride comfort. Super quiet and comfortable but the draw back was minor rubbing. So my next set of tires will be 195/60/15. I have not seen any drop in my daily commute of 75 miles round trip.

    Also, I'm a modification junkie. I can't seem to leave the stereo system alone and anything that I could mod down the road will happen.

    I did my own custom stereo, that I splice into the stock amplifier and upgraded all speakers to 2 way components Mb Quarts and a 12" kicker subwoofer. I was also dis-satisfied with my 5 channel Massive Audio NX5 and upgraded to a Rockville 5 channel 2000watts RMS. Now everything sounds and feels right.
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