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Thread: Pioneer 5200NEX with 2 12" subs in a 2016 Fiat 500 for less than $100

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    Pioneer 5200NEX with 2 12" subs in a 2016 Fiat 500 for less than $100

    Less than $100 doesn't include the unit or any speakers, which are still stock.

    I installed this Pioneer Avic 5200NEX DVD GPS playermyself about a year ago. I had just bought the unit for $750 and installed in my 2004 Civic, of which the hybrid battery finally died out and I couldn't pass emissions without it, so I bought a Fiat. That's the back story of why I decided to take this journey. Everything works as it should, no ODO blinking and I still have control over locks, lights, etc. The only thing I've lost is the steering wheel controls, which I can live without. I tried a couple steering wheel control modules, but they didn't work as I figured because they didn't have one for the '16 Pop when I did this. The only thing that was my fault as far as damages go, was I burnt out the OEM power wire to the stereo, which was simple to rerun all the way to the under hood fuse box. Damn illumination wire, I think, but it's sorted now.

    To be fair, I sought out professional help with more than one local company, and a few well known ones online also, and nobody would touch it- except of course Fiat, for $4200. I HATED that Uconnect. It's like technology from when portable GPSs were the hot new thing.

    So, being that the car just came out, there were no guides whatsoever and the only wiring guide I managed to get didn't accurately match the harness wiring nor the wiring diagram that comes on the Uconnect unit itself- and that didn't match every wire on the harness either, lol. It was scary, but I might be too confident, too ballsy or just dumb enough to try it.

    I still have a gap around the unit itself cause the dash is molded to the Uconnect shape and there are no kits I've found, but I haven't bothered to look lately. Every thing else works perfect.

    I wired everything from the vehicle to the corresponding wires with the Pioneer unit, and then wired the positive and negative power wires separately to the Uconnect unit, of which I built a box for and mounted it under the driver's seat. Then, I ran into the old blinking ODO and when I'd start the car, the clock would be showing the time it was when I cut the car off. So to solve this, I wired the CAN C bus positive and negative from the vehicle to the Uconnect. I've never had to, but if I need to adjust something, I can still do it.

    Forgive the junk in my boot in the video. I'd just unloaded after a 2200 mile road trip. The gap around the unit is something I think I'll have to have custom made. Any ideas?

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