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Thread: 3 MONTHS Dealer service center has had my car!

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    Angry 3 MONTHS Dealer service center has had my car!

    I'm beyond irate right now. 2014 (with Mopar extended warranty) 500L
    ... Sorry for this long post but I'm venting...
    Took my car to dealer service center JUNE 8TH.
    Several issues were addressed.
    1. Cars air would not stop blowing full blast in my face! None of the controls would respond at all. When it was a/c I could deal... Then it became warm outside air.
    2. USB port not working
    3. ESC light flashes when accelerating from a complete stop and turning onto a slight incline... At which point, the car losses all acceleration! Almost been hit 2x now!

    Service center said that the air control module needed to be replaced, and that for the USB that the whole wiring harness needed to be replaced.

    Literally 2 months later, and supposedly a twisted pin in the wiring harness that was causing the air unit to not RESPOND correctly, I was told to come pick up my car.

    Great! NOT REALLY. It was more messed up than when I gave it to them!
    Now, controls would respond on the air unit, but they all did things they weren't supposed to do, or did nothing at all! The USB now only worked sometimes, and my ESC issue was still happening!

    I took it back to the service center, and 1 MORE MONTH LATER was told that the a/c unit needed to be replaced... (SO THEY GAVE IT BACK TO ME, KNOWING IT DIDN'T WORK, AND BLAMING IT ON A PIN IN THE WIRING HARNESS!) And they can't find anything wrong with the USB. Not to mention after a long winded MANsplaining about what the ESC is and what it does, he basically said that it's ok that the car completely losses all acceleration when turning from a stop!

    SERIOUSLY?! I just can't even, right now Mc
    WTF am I supposed to do???
    I'm so sick of not having my car! I've researched it, and there are too many reports and posts regarding these cars losing acceleration and causing near accidents, that I can't believe that I'm being told this is normal!

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    Is it a sharp angle and the tire starting to spin? That or a low traction surface is the only thing I can think of that would cause the traction control to kick in like that. Does it do it only on inclines? Does it happen only at certain locations or everytime you turn?

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    Yes, it only happens when turning onto a slight incline. I can recreate it on the same turns. And this is with dry conditions...nothing slick tire pressure is perfect, and it's not that sharp of a turn...

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    Contact Fiat corporate and file a case with them, sounds like the dealer is incompetent and unwilling to address the situation properly.
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