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Thread: Front end noise on 2015 500 Pop- solved!

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    Front end noise on 2015 500 Pop- solved!

    Just wanted to share my experience with having a Fiat dealer(Ziegler Fiat/Alfa/Maserati), in Schaumburg, Illinois) address the front end 'clunk' I've been experiencing for about 500 miles.

    Bought the car used, 12 months ago. from Carmax with 30,000 miles. Spent the beginning of its life in Arizona, so it was very clean. A great car, in every way.

    There was a light 'clunk' in very cold weather, which came from wheel covers that had broken tabs. I built up the existing tabs with duct tape, and that issue was solved.

    At about 37,200 mi., a light 'clunk' came from the front end at very low speeds on poor road surfaces. As time went on, it. got a bit louder, as became more noticable at higher speeds.

    I made an appointment with Ziegler, and they couldn't have been more helpful. The car is under warranty, so they provided me with a free loaner while they serviced the vehicle- also had an oil change and spark plug change.

    In my car's case, the source of the noise was the driver's side sway bar link(68073033AB). Dropped the car off at 9AM, and it was ready at noon.

    Everyone there was great; I talked to the parts guy, and I went ahead and ordered the components for the OEM block heater. $120 for the parts, $200 for the labor. They'll install it while I wait.

    I'm happy with $200 for the labor- I told the parts guy I could do $200 of damage in a tenth of a second, trying to do it myself. He agreed.

    Anyway- hats off to Fiat and Ziegler. And what a car; a friend in England has one, and said the Fiat 500 in Sport mode is everyone's happy memories of the Morris Mini...

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    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and resolution.

    Hope you stick around and enjoy the forum.

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    Will do! The parts for the block heater install arrived at Ziegler yesterday- will make sure to post about that.

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