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Thread: 1995 Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo

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    1995 Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo

    Here is my 1995 Fiat Coupe 16V Turbo i just bought as a project so i can take my Strada Abarth off the road next January . This is my 8th coupe having owned the 20vt ,le and 16v non turbo . My brother has a 20v non turbo at the moment . The prices of these coupes will eventually rise in the coming years . I never owned a coupe 16v turbo or took a spin in one . But i have owned two Lancia 16valve integrales in the past One in 1997 for two years and then in 2006 . Its basicially the same engine as the 16v Lancia The Coupe has 195bhp the integrale has 200bhp but with 4 wheel drive .
    This is an ebay special The pictures on the listing were not very good but i studied them and took a chance I only paid a couple of hundred pounds for the car so if it turned out to be a rust bucket i would have broken it . In the listing it just said "Fiat Coupe" no mention of turbo . I had the registration and found out it was a turbo . Only 30 16v turbos on the road (115 off road ) in the Uk so its the rarest of the Fiat coupe . The guy dropped it off to me as part of the price and i handed him the money i said just drop it off back in a minute . He told me the women who owned the car was going to take it to Jamaica but did not in the end . The car had been off the road since 2003 and was parked in a garage . I knew there was no keys or V5 registration logbook and was told the engine was seized . Thats the bad news the good news is the engine is not seized . The balance shaft belt snapped and took out the timing belt . The head has been taken off and unbelievable the valves are not bent ??? The under side of the car is 99% rust free even though these cars are galavanised they do rust . It got leather and thats in good condition . The car has air con . The car does not have a sunroof which is good . I could not see from the ebay pictures . The milage is low . I did a HPI check and the car has had only two owners and is not a write off and is free from finance .

    Jobs to do
    Change all the valve stem seals and lap the valves in
    New timing belt/balance shaft belt/air con belt /alternator belt and water pump .
    Change the spark plug leads (rats have eaten them )
    Change both front wishbone
    Change all brake pads and discs (very cheap to buy)
    New seals and 360 degree bearing in the turbo
    Full respray as i work in a bodyshop
    Novatec 1 ECU chip plus 40bhp

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    Thanks for sharing, there's a car I've never seen, probably not any in the US!
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    There are Coupes in the USA Here is a 20Valve Turbo:

    From next year you can import them as they will have reached the 25 year old rule

    Listen to the sound of the Fiat Coupe 20valve five cylinder I think this is in south america:

    Look at the power ?

    At the drag strip:

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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting! Your car is awesome. Keep us updated with what you are doing.

    We had a member here on the site with one. I believe he works for Fiat in Italy, if I remember correctly.


    Here's an intersting thread on the Fiat Coupe: http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showt...994-Fiat-Coupe

    From a post I made about the Coupe:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    The Fiat Coup 20V Turbo was a seriously cool performance car in its day. Still is...

    Threads tagged : Fiat Coupe: http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/tags.php?tag=fiat+coupe
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