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500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat 500 stolen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amacento View Post
    It's never good to read an experience ending on these terms. I think the Mazda 3 is a great car. Mazda manuals are solid. It may be sad to read the community is losing another would-be happy owner, but at least you're moving into another good car. Be well.
    Thank you. I sold the Fiat to a young couple, and the guy was willing to take on the new grinding in reverse. I paid it forward and gave them a good deal. The next day, I went out and bought a 2015 Mazda hatchback with a 6 speed manual. I'm going to love this car, but will miss the Fiat. It had character and was reliable for me. Thanks to this friendly Fiat community. Ciao everyone...

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    Good luck Stew! If you hear what becomes of the trans, post back, if you dont mind.

    Ive seen thefts like this during moves to college and new residences.....seems like every other year or so on our local news. Crime in the streets is much the same as in the 60s but more prevalent.
    My dad had a Corn Imperial stolen from the service station it was being tuned up at. Ten year old on a crate and another kid working the pedals, lol. Caught a brief distance away stranded on a curb as I recall. No damage.

    Sorry you suffered vehicular damage. Violations on your personal property suck.

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