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Thread: 3 month abarth track build

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. Uomo Grasso, to answer your question as to which governing body requires a roll bar in the fiat, absolutely no one that I know of. I purely want to run a roll bar. Theres little downside to running a properly installed roll bar other than the weight. As for harnesses, I dont plan on getting any.
    As to the badges, to each his own lol I liked them and then didnt, dont know what changed my mind

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    Liking the details. Nice job on the shift knob and the 5 speed shift pattern decal between the dials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk02 View Post
    Your car? Or just YOUR opinion? And they do not have a prancing horse they have the appropriate scorpion, ......they look nice and in Europe they make a Ferrari tribute edition......my opinion. But we all know what opinions are like.
    public forum, my opinion.

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