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Abarth exhaust resonator - Page 3
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Thread: Abarth exhaust resonator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southernroadrunner View Post
    Ok so what is a Abarth big muffler kit folks
    I think he is implying that quieting down the Abarth is like doing those other, made up things to it, taking the sportiness out of it and turning it into the family SUV.

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    The early editions had a “suitcase” muffler (I heard people call it that because it was so large like one) which was really just a shell over the same pipe system we others have to deaden some of the sound transferring through pipe walls at the rear. It was not open to the interior of any pipes as I recall. Likely a faux device in order to meet early epa regs? Only a wrap of sorts.

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    Pizzaman—I have the suitcase muffler I took off my GQ if you’re looking to quiet yours down. Let me know if you’re interested.

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