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500 Madness
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Thread: Lowering the passenger seat

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    Lowering the passenger seat

    Hi everyone! I have a 2013 Fiat 500T that I bought in June. Is there any way to lower the passenger seat? The driver's side is adjustable but the passenger isn't, and my wife does not enjoy the ride height. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum, and that's a great question!

    I've not done it on a FIAT, but with Miatas it is not too hard to -remove seat cover --cut some of the foam out of the seating area (AKA: "foamectomy) --replace cover, only lowers the seating a bit, usually to get a driver's helmet under the roll bar. This probably wouldn't be a great solution with yoru FIAT, but anything else would involve more work with buying a different seat, changing the seat mounting to the car, etc.
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    not that I am aware of. Best suggestion is to either recline the seatback or as Bob says to cut out some foam from the seat cushion.

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    I looked into lowering both seats and the only easy way is to cut foam out of the seat. I ended up buying new seats and mounts to get lower and use a harness. Double bonus!

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