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Simply wanted to bump in here and introduce a new series from the Engine Baes that I know a lot of people would appreciate as it's a huge money saver for the consumer. Product vs. Product (PVP for short) is a weekly online detailing show where one detailing product from one company gets put up against another detailing product from another company that does the same thing. It's new, so it's a little raw right now, but so far the feedback has been awesome.

Here's the first episode featuring
Masterson's Wax Waterless Wash and Shine vs. Rocket Wax's Eco Wash

The next episode is coming out this Thursday and it will feature two quick detail sprays. If you do have any feedback, please let me know. We want to make sure this is as helpful and entertaining as possible without being too or long. And if anyone has any questions about any of the products used, please shoot them our way as well - again, we want this to be super helpful to anyone watching.I know we'll have our own Pablo Escobarth in the series too