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Thread: Plugging the classifieds

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    Plugging the classifieds

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't get on my moderator soap box often, but today is one of those times. Our Classified Section continues to move a LOT of stuff for sale, so I just want to thank everyone that uses it, whether for buying selling, trading, or just looking to buy parts and cars. After a long week at work I logged onto the Forum today and have closed at least 3 classified posts because the items all sold!

    We don't ask for any money, no percentages, and there is no fee to use the classifieds, so I encourage you to continue supporting the forum and checking the classifieds once in a while.

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    Thanks for offering this, it can be tough to find parts like the ones we use on our cars in used-condition so having these classifieds is a nice option.

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