You can find the video on line, but holy cow there was a big accident at Pocono yesterday. Early in the race two of the cars touched and one car got a little sideways, and before it was over the other car went up and over a wheel, up on top of the Safer barrier, and in to the catch fence, all while spinning about 4 full times by the time the chases came to a rest back on the track. The driver has multiple broken bones and internal injuries, but is alive thanks to the safety gear they wear, safety stuff built into the carbon fiber bodies, track safety construction, and medical response teams. Racing is still a dangerous sport and this is just another reminder.

After about a two hour delay, mostly to fix the fencing, the race resumed and ran all 500 miles. Good to know that they did not re-start until things were repaired. I've seen similar safety issues come up at races like the F1 race in Texas a few years ago when they didn't start practice because it was too foggy for the medical helicopters to fly.

For those of us that just drive on the street, remember to keep safe there too!