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Gen 4 Taillight Connector and Pin Part Numbers
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Thread: Gen 4 Taillight Connector and Pin Part Numbers

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    Cool Gen 4 Taillight Connector and Pin Part Numbers

    First post here, going to make it a good one.

    I've searched high and low for part numbers on what is required to make the harness to swap in Gen 4 taillights on North American cars and I came up empty handed.

    I've sourced out the connectors and pins needed for the swap. I sourced all my parts from Mouser Electronics and it would cost less than $30 in parts before taxes and shipping.

    My Gen 4 lights are the regular filament lights and I required no special load resistors or flasher relays to do the swap.


    All parts are made by Tyco Electronics

    1456426-1 is the connector to mate to the Gen 4 taillight. The "-1" is important as that specifies the location of the key or slot for the connector. (QTY 2)

    1418850-3 is the pins (QTY 8, more in case you mess up)

    If you want to make it plug and play and not cut up the factory harness you need these also:

    282107-1 is the mating connector to the factory taillight connector (QTY 2)

    282109-1 is the pins (QTY 10, again more just in case you mess up your crimps)

    PINOUTS FOR THE CONNECTORS (This is on my 500e - not sure if it is the same as the gas)

    OEM harness

    Left and Right taillight are different.


    Pin 1 - DK BLU/WHT - Turn
    Pin 2 - GRY/DK GRN - Backup
    Pin 3 - BLK - Ground
    Pin 4 - DK GRN/WHT - Stop
    Pin 5 - YEL/RED - Park


    Pin 1 - YEL/RED - Park
    Pin 2 - DK GRN/WHT - Stop
    Pin 3 - BLK - Ground
    Pin 4 - GRY/DK GRN - Backup
    Pin 5 - DK BLU/WHT - Turn

    GEN 4 Taillight

    Left and Right are different also because of the bulb output for the different wattage filaments. You will get dash warning lights if you don't wire it right)


    Pin 1 - Park
    Pin 2 - Stop
    Pin 3 - Ground
    Pin 4 - Turn


    Pin 1 - Stop
    Pin 2 - Park
    Pin 3 - Ground
    Pin 4 - Turn

    I had the water seals necessary at my work and being as it is what I do for a living I had the multitude of crimpers required to do the job right.
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    Hey welcome to the forum and thanks for the write up on this conversion. Hopefully that will help out some other folks!
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    My completed harness (extra connector is to my reverse lights)

    And the car

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    Thanks for this.

    I was really not looking forward to paying $200+ for a simple harness.

    I plan on making 2 sets, one with and one without [COLOR=#333333]resistors; as I haven't had any canbus ready LED bulb I've put in the 500e need in-wire resistors.[/COLOR]
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    @Beav Thank you for this write up.

    Would anyone with the requisite skills like to start making these harnesses for the community, giving us more options? I'd buy one. I'd like to do this mod, but I don't want to pay $200 for this harness...

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    @Beav Seriously thank you. I’ve seen a hand full of tail light conversion videos on TY, but they were all presented poorly. Your write up is 10X more effective! You should really sell these!!

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    How do I identify Pin-1? Your insight is highly appreciated.

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