So out of pure curiosity, can the chassis handle a faster ratio steering rack? This weekend I did a canyon drive with my friend in his mini cooper JCW, we swapped cars for a bit and the steering input on the mini is astonishing, it's hard to explain the feeling, but it's as if 5-10mm of steering input equates to the wheels changing direction to like half their turning radius. After coming back into the abarth, the steering felt very slow as if I had to turn the wheel half a rotation to get the same wheel angle of the mini. All in all, the mini changes direction VERY fast with almost little steering input, which makes fun factor go 0-100 real quick

So out of curiosity, this is for pure discussion, I have no intentions of changing anything. Just wondering if the fiat chassis can even handle a steering rack this fast? I really wish our steering feel felt like the mini's. If anyone else has experience driving mini's let me know what you think!

Trying to eliminate other factors, we are both lowered, both have rear larger bars and both on 200tw tires. Also, I'm really not referring to body roll, understeer, or oversteer, just pure steering input and the change in direction of the wheels.