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Adding seat heaters
500 Madness
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Thread: Adding seat heaters

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    Adding seat heaters

    I intend to add seat heaters to my '14 500T and want to use the OEM switch on the dash (readily available on that very large on-line auction web site) and probably add aftermarket heating pads to the seats.

    My questions: Does the switch operate as a simple off/on? Does the OEM heated seat option have multiple temperature settings and if so, how many? I'm guessing that the switch talks to a control unit that regulates the voltage and that voltage to the heating pads doesn't actually flow through the switch.

    Has anyone done a conversion like this, using the factory dash switch? If so, how did you do it and do you have any recommendations for a specific brand of heating pads?

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    I believe the BCM will have to be reprogrammed. Good luck with that.

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